Sunday mornings at Caernarfon Church are relaxed, with no particular dress-code. We have a modern band for our worship which has a family and contemporary style. We meet from 10:30am - 12:00 noon when we usually have a cup of tea or coffee after the service (we leave by 12:30)

There are times of personal and corporate prayer, with opportunities for prayer for healing of the sick. The morning services sometimes includes a time of Comm (i.e. taking bread and “wine” in remembrance of Jesus’ death and sacrifice for us). There are groups during the morning for children aged 1.5-4's, 4-9's, 9-14's and youth aged 14-18's.These are fun-packed groups that also give teaching on Biblical values for living in today's world. While the children and youth are in their groups there is a 30 minute worship time followed by a 30 minute preach from the Bible with a focus on how to live the Christian life and achieve our full potential in God.


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