Mens Breakfast

This happens on the first Saturday of each month at 8am till 9am, it is a time of fellowship for men with a cooked breakfast suppied. All welcome.


Do we need a meeting just for men?

Men are different physically, emotionally and spiritually so our issues are different from those of children and women. We have different demands, expectations and issues, different hormones, different ego's and ways of relating to each other and those around us.

In men’s breakfast meetings we hope to tackle some of the issues that relate to men in such a way that it will challenge us to respond. We hope this will bring our own agendas, desires, behaviours and habits into line with scripture. To bring us into line with Gods will for us as a gender, as a church and as an individual.


Our vision is that not only should we know, through sound biblical teaching how we should behave and walk as men of God, but that through mutual support, encouragement, accountability and prayer that we actually do walk as men of God. If you are one of the men of the church who already does this, great, please help those amongst your brothers who struggle and want to grow and move more as God would have them. The truth is we all without exception have areas where we need to grow.


Men's Breakfast 2012

Aims: to teach, challenge and equip while bonding, encouraging and supporting.



Saturday mornings 8am

Topics for discussion.


February 4th

Leadership, is it for Men?


March 3rd

What is dependence on God?


April 7th

Men's roles in family, church and work.


May 5th

Guest Speaker


June 2nd

How and when to be Obedient.


July 7th

Pride, should we be ashamed of it?


August 4th

Work and life/family getting God's balance.


September 1st

Facing temptation as a Man.


October 6th

Claiming your Freedom


November 3rd

Men's role as warriors for Christ.


December 1st

Forgiveness, giving and receiving it.






Agenda For Men's Breakfast Meetings 2012


Time am



7:50 – 8:00


Welcome, with choice of tea, coffee and juice.

8.00 to 8:20


We will aim to serve at 8am, Enjoy your breakfast.

8:20 – 8:35


Short talk.

8:35 – 8:50


Discussion in small groups.

8:50 – 9:00


Prayer, gifts of the spirit, in small groups or as a large group, as led.



Finish, we will endeavour to finish on time for those who need to go.


Men's Breakfast 2012

This is to be a Spiritual meeting and as such it will require prayer support and spiritual input, so be prepared to bring pictures, gifts, words, tongues, interpretations, prophesy, healing, miracles, signs and wonders, start to pray for one another and one or two non Christian friends and when they are ready bring them along.

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